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Our general guidelines to hosting


We place students at specific times of the year, depending on Programme you will be allocated a student from. Last minute bookings come in also and we can be placing students within a week of arrival.  If you confirm a student with us and your circumstances change it is vital you inform us immediately as the child would have already built up a picture in their head of their host family. If you haven’t heard from us and are anxious about a placement, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our agents have become very familiar with our loyal host families and can often request a family that they have had a student with before.

All students should contact their parents on arrival to confirm they are with their host family and all is well.



All our participants are here on a full board basis, breakfast should be provided, packed lunch (2 sandwiches, 4 slices of bread, or Large roll/Bap+Fruit/Juice or water+chocolate bar+packet of crisps.  Dinner as per what you are cooking for the family and for family to have dinner with the student.


Home phone and internet usage

Your phone should never be used without your permission.  Internet usage is at the discretion of the host family, although we recommend should be restricted to a reasonable time, e.g. speaking with friends after bed time and disturbing members of the family is not allowed.

We are not responsible for any telephone/additional internet use charges.


Doctors / Dentists

All our participants from the E.U. carry a E.H.I.C. (European Health Insurance Card), which can be used to cover the cost of visits and medication is charged at €1.50 per item.  Our participants from outside the E.U. are advised to ensure they have their own insurance as we cannot be responsible for additional medical expenses while they are here. All Covid-19 protocols will be adhered to as per guidelines set out by the HSE.


Baths / Showers

Please allow daily access to a shower/bath and let the child know what is the most convenient time for you. Towels should be provided by you.


House rules

All students under 18 years of age should never be given a key (check with Dalmac as special circumstances are allowed), asked to babysit, be left alone at night, either parent should be at home at all times while the child is staying with you.


Alcohol and smoking

It is illegal for anybody under 18 years of age to drink alcohol or smoke or vape.


Room details

All rooms should contain, one bed per student, wardrobe, chest of drawers or a dressing table, mirror and a table/desk with a chair.  Students are allowed share a room with another student of a different nationality.  Students must never share a double bed with another student/child. 

Bed Linen should be changed once a week.  Please use your own house rules with regards to bed making/keeping room tidy etc.  Prior to student’s arrival, we will visit you to see the room for the student and also if you have any queries regarding your student.

Ensure you have a mattress protectos on each bed.



If the family are agreeable, it is always appreciated if you permit your student have a friend or two visit while they are staying with you.  In certain circumstances overnights are permitted but must be pre approved by the child’s parents and agency.  Dalmac are the legal guardians for while they are here. However, under no circumstances do we allow children of the opposite sex stay in the same bedroom.



As most of our children travel from warmer countries, please make allowances for requests for extra blankets or a small room heater.



In the event of accidental damage, lost or stolen property, the family’s house insurance policy should be claimed against.  Dalmac is unable to accept liability for any damage caused by students in the host family home.


One nationality per house

As an approved school and we are unable to place two students of the same language in one house (the only rare exception is that the parents request this).  If you have any visitors’ family/friends/au pair or from another organisation that is the same nationality as the student, we are unable to place a student with you.  It is very important that you notify us. 


Relocation / Early departure / Cancelation

In some cases, it is necessary to remove a student from a host family and Dalmac reserve the right to do so.  If such an event occur the family will be paid for the number of nights the student stays with the family.  We are unable to offer any compensation should a student that is booked with a family cancel their trip or reduce their length of stay, however we will do our utmost to find a replacement for the host family.



Payment is made monthly for Academic Years and within 72 hours of departure for Junior Summer and Ministay Programmes.



We always see the best way to get a student to speak English is to ask them how their day was, school/activities new friends etc.  Students should always have dinner with the host family and not alone.  Mealtimes are a perfect way to encourage the child to speak English.


These guidelines are generic and we will give you specific guidelines pertaining to your students programme, which include curfew times etc.

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