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Academic Year

Dalmac has been providing its Academic Term or Year Programme since 1989 and have therefore established excellent links with a wide variety of schools throughout Ireland.

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Language skills to high fluency level

Our Academic Term or Year Programme is designed for students who wish to bring their English language skills to a high fluency level. Dalmac students are placed according to their age, in either a ‘Primary’ school or ‘Post Primary’ school and will participate in school-life as a typical Irish student.

The Irish Education System

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Primary & Post Primary

The Education System in Ireland is structured in two levels- “Primary” and “Post Primary” (Secondary) schools:

  1. Primary: age 4 – 12 years
  2. Secondary: age 12/13 – 17/18 Years


An Irish “Post Primary” (Secondary) school can be a 5 or 6 year cycle.

  • Junior Cycle: 1stto 3rd Year culminating in the Junior Certificate.
  • Senior Cycle– 5th to 6th Year culminating in the Leaving Certificate.


4th Year (Transition Year) is offered in some schools, it offers both academic and practical learning.


When booking with Dalmac, students may request the following types of school:

  • Day School or Boarding School
  • All Male/Female or Co-educational
  • Secular Staff or Religious Staff
  • City Locations or Suburban Locations
  • Community or Private Schools
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Boarding School

Students who opt to attend boarding school will stay in on-campus residence. If required students can be placed in host family accommodation for weekends and school closures/holidays.


From experience Dalmac has observed that students maximise their learning experience when staying with host-families as opposed to other forms of accommodation, as a result we offer host family accommodation with Irish families for all our Programmes.

Academic year in Ireland

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