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The aim of Dalmac Total Immersion Course is to greatly improve the participant’s level of fluency and to gain self confidence.

Maximising the learning experience

From experience Dalmac has observed that students maximise their learning experience when staying with host-families as opposed to other forms of accommodation, as a result we offer host family accommodation with Irish families for all our Programmes.

Living with an Irish family


Living with an Irish Host Family offers security, friendship and the unique daily experience of “living in Ireland”.

Participants on this Programme are accepted as one of the family.
Taking part in many family social, cultural and sporting events.

Something as simple as shopping with the host mother can offer great opportunities for improving both oral and aural English language skills.

Dalmac offers a variety of locations throughout Ireland, with both urban, suburban and rural facilities.

Host Families

Our host families have long tradition of taking care of our foreign visitors. Each family is carefully chosen and inspected by a member of our staff. This inspection and continuous assessment process are maintained through questionnaires and feedback from students.

We boast a large database of host families throughout the country, many of whom have been hosting with us for many years and continue to enjoy the cultural and social exchange.

The perfect match

Host families are personally selected by Dalmac accommodation Coordinator and each one is selected to meet the needs and preferences of the participant.

Great care and time are dedicated to ensure that the profile of the candidate is matched to that of the host family.

Course fees include

  • Full board accommodation.
  • Airport Transfers: Participants will be met at the airport by a member of their host family and are, then, transported to their host family home.


Activities & Outings to add extra enjoyment to this course and to show each participant a taste of Irish culture and sport. Each host family will take their guest to places of cultural or sporting interest twice a week (half days) and once a week (full day).

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